The future, like everything else, is fluid. Who knows what will happen? We’re creating our reality and our destiny every day.

However, as a group of ambitious people with a history of making things happen, we can confidently say that there will be many surprises to look forward to as our Nomadic community takes shape.

The festivals will be big, the vibes will be high. The retreats restorative, the events transformative. The community will be supportive, and the expansion continuous. Creators and innovators will travel here to build our artist collective from the ground up, a foundation for all those who follow with their own visions to contribute. This will be the epicenter of something new, radiating out in all directions.

As we bring in partners and collaborators, our footprint on this land will grow and change. New structures — A pyramid? A tower of lights? Maybe we need a yacht to transform into an AirBnB? (Know anyone looking to unload one in the desert? Hit us up.) We’re dreaming about an on-property post office where you might send letters, inquiries, and prophecies to your neighbors in the adjacent villages. A traveling coffee cart, pop-up stores, food trucks, art installations — if you can imagine it, we’re probably available for it.

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